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Redesign: MrDragonboy96 by MrDragonboy96
Redesign: MrDragonboy96
Hello everybody. 
Finally a new drawing by me XD I decided long ago that I want to redesign my both OC's just because 
to make them more special. My fox one, Dragonboy, should look a lil' bit more mature while my Pony OC,
Dragon, should look a bit more special from a normal pony. I hope you like the redesign^^
Undertale - Flowey: Mercy or Fight ? by MrDragonboy96
Undertale - Flowey: Mercy or Fight ?
Yeah, I am quite a big fan of Undertale. It's such a awesome and deep game. But if you really want to know more about this game
then you have to play it by yourself^^

Well, this is a drawing of Flowey after the fight against Omega Flowey.
It depends on you, will you kill him or will you show mercy and spare him ?
Mysterious Pony (Art Trade with YukariShy) by MrDragonboy96
Mysterious Pony (Art Trade with YukariShy)
This is my drawing for the art trade with :iconyukarishy:

This Picture shows the mysterious pony made by Yukari. There is not much to know
about him but he has the ability to change his apperance like a Changeling. This drawing should show
the dark and evil (and pervy x3) side of him. I hope you enjoy it^^
Hey There Girls ~ by MrDragonboy96
Hey There Girls ~
It seems that Dragon is ready to chare a night with a special somepony °3°
Would you like to join Dragon for a night ? x3
What do ya think about my new drawing ?  I think it was a good idea to draw my OC Dragon like
this. It can be a romantic night or any other special night you want if you know what I mean ~ x3
Well then, enjoy my artwork^^
Dragon as medic (TF2) by MrDragonboy96
Dragon as medic (TF2)
Let me introduce myself. I am ze medic !

I decided to draw my OC with a TF2 medic outfit because the medic is my favourite class in TF2^^ Why ?
Because I was never a big fan of attacking someone. I am more a fan of support and helping my team mates
and the medic is the perfect class for this^^ And the medic is also from Germany and you know....
I am from Germany x3

I hope you like this lil' drawing^^
At first...this was the best MLP season final ever :)
And the enemy Tirek (Back from the first MLP Generation ^o^) was really one of the most brutal enemys in the MLP history. I mean...he  had eaten the abilities from the ponies and destroyed half of Ponyville :o
I really like the fact that Discord was evil for a short time again and the betrayal was just perfect...I am a little fan von betrayal in movies and Video games^^
I know the name of the episode is Twilights kingdom but I think there was to much Twilights. Her friends were....background ponies the most time. It was a Season final and a MLP Season final need all the six mane ponies. Ok..they helped her with Tirek.
The end of the enemy was exactly like the end of the other ones....they were defeat by a big Rainbow Laser again...come one..why the same everytime ? But the laser looked cool^^ It was the utimate laser of friendship and harmony.
 But the story from that episode was really good and the battle was just...epic^^ ( I think a little bit to much for a children TV show..but I love it :D) And it was awesome that Twilight got her key from Discord.'s nice that Twilight has her own castle now but it doesn't fit to her. Ok. I know that Tirek destroyed her library. (Ok.. the castle looks epic^^) But I will miss her library :c 
And the secret of the harmony box wasn't that aweosme..just the ultimate power of harmony. Don't missunderstand me, that power was really aweosme but it wasn't that big surprise.
At least this MLP episode was the best season final ever. An old enemy from the first MLP Generation Returns and so much more. Equestria was so close to going down and that makes the episode just more epic. I never thought that this final willl be that awesome and all the important MLP characters had a apperance in that episode....even DERPY :D (No Trixie P.P) The songs were ok. Nothing Special but not bad^^
I hope I said everything. What are you thinking about the season final guys ?^^


MrDragonboy96's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am MrDragonboy96. I have the same name at YouTube and this is my deviantArt page.
You can call me David.
I like it to play video games and my favourite games are Sonic and Mario.
Oh, an I am a brony. I hope you haven't problems with that..

Stamp collection :D

MLP Stamp by Toonfreak Rainbow Dash Stamp by GekxGeval
Rainbow Dash 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHans Rainbow Dash Fan by Menchieee MLP Derpy Hooves Stamp by Kevfin
MLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-Chibi MLP FIM Stamp. by Pinky1babe
Pinkamena stamp by jewlecho Stamp Pinkamena 2 by MaruHerz :thumb356479201:
Free MrDragonBoy96 Fan Stamp by Trupokemon
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Have Fun with my drawings :onfire:

Rainbow Dash and my Pony kiss by MrDragonboy96

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